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What We Do

The club sponsors a native plant garden in the World Gardens area at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in
Escondido, California. The California Nativescapes Botanical Garden is the Club's main external project.
At the request of the Park's Horticulture Department, the LHNPC agreed to plan, plant, and maintain the
garden. The club has been maintaining the garden since 1991, when it was opened to the public on
Earth Day.

The garden represents eleven different plant communities:  Montane, Low Desert, Cypress, High Desert,
Desert Transition, Riparian, Coastal Sage Scrub, Palm Oasis, Cultivar, Island and Chaparral.
Club members are responsible for planting, watering, weeding, and trail construction, etc. The Safari
Park has assisted by providing shade shelters, drinking fountains and educational signs. The LHNPC does the extensive record-keeping required for a Botanical Garden.

Garden Tours

With a Safari Park entrance ticket a guided walking tour of the Nativescapes Garden is offered the second Saturday of April and May at 10 a.m. The tour begins at the Nativescapes Garden entrance, which is along the trail beyond the Baja Garden. Please allow about 30 minutes to walk from the park entrance to the beginning of the tour. LHNPC members are on hand to give insights into the intricacies of the plant communities and the ways that plants adapt to their special environments.

Volunteer Opportunities

Club volunteers work in the NativeScapes Garden on Wednesday and/or Saturday mornings. Work activities include weeding, trimming, planting, sprinkler maintenance and general cleanup. To volunteer at the garden, you must first become a member of the SD Zoo Volunteer organization. Once that training is completed, you will receive training from our members regarding the care and upkeep of the garden.

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